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This week was pretty crazy; sometimes you submit stuff to people and you have no idea when (or if) they’ll post it on their site. Coincidentally a bunch of stuff of mine came out this week. So the first five in this list are mine; the next twenty three are stuff other people wrote.

1. Fitcast Episode with Bret Contreras (This is a 2-hour episode: I’m on from 1:15 to 1:50…I got a couple of emails from Fitcasters saying that this was the most thought-provoking Fitcast episode they’d ever heard…I credit this to super-genius Jonathan Fass who always makes people sound much smarter than they really are)

2. Directional Load Vectors: A New Paradigm for Describing Movement by Bret Contreras (this is a membership site but I got some really good feedback on this article – if you’re not a member you can sign up for a free 14-day trial for just $1)

3. Weakpoint Fixing: Triceps by Bryan Krahn (includes advice from T-Nation contributors including yours truly)

4. Men’s Health Fitness Tip of the Week (this is a quick 2-minute video of me giving David Jack a tutorial on single leg hip thrust variations

5. One hour Audio With Mike T. Nelson (in this recording we discuss a bunch of general strength-related topics such as periodization, biofeedback, progression, etc.)

6. Form Police by Ben Bruno (I could certainly relate to this one)

7. The Reality of Owning a Business by Dave Tate (a harsh reality but a must read for prospective business owners)

9. Crap Against a Wall by Carson Boddicker (this doesn’t just pertain to endurance programs…it applies to all programs)

10. Get Your Mind Right by Ben Bruno

11. Jeff Cubos on Glute Strengthening

12. Training Footage from Diesel Crew (it’s always great to see people training like badasses!)

13. Interview with Dave Jak by Bryan Grasso on Leadership

14. Good T-Nation article on Olympic lifting pre-requisites

15. Cardiorespiratory stuff by Chris Beardsley

16. Insulin Myths by James Krieger (this son of a bitch is freaky smart! you can click on parts I, II, and III from this link, which is part IV).

17. Plyometric Olympic Lifts by Charles Poliquin


19. Top Training Behaviors by Charles Poliquin

20. DeFranco’s New Gym = Awesome!

21. Arguing for Argument’s Sake by Robbie Bourke (Robbie makes some great points in this one)

22. Train in Groups of Three by Charles Poliquin

23. Mike Young and Colleagues have Started Up a New Track & Field Academy

24. Ben Bruno pistol squats. In the first video he busts out 90 lbs for 15 reps. In the second video he does 209 lbs for 3 reps (he weighs 175 so this means 384 total lbs on one leg!).

25. Children Should Not Have Low Back Pain by Jeff Cubos

26. Counting Calories by PJ Striet

27. Pete Benches 300 by Tony Gentilcore (if I had to train at another facility I would choose Cressey Performance over any other place. The atmosphere there seems really fun. Tony and Eric know how to get people strong and it’s obvious they care very much about their clients)

28. Random Thoughts by Mark Young (this makes it to the “good reads” blogs simply because Mark dug up a picture of me from Halloween 2009, which reminds me that Halloween is coming up soon…time to start thinking up more shirtless costume ideas)


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Okay peeps, last week I had a bunch of articles ready to give you and 1) I was so busy researching that I fell behind, and 2) my computer crashed because I had so many tabs opened. So I lost all the articles I intended to read and link for my readers. For this week, I’m only recommending 24 links, which is much less than normal weeks. Here you go!

1. Bret Contreras – recent TMuscle article – 16 Training Tips

2. Interview with Charlie Weingroff

3. Ben Bruno High Rep Training

4. Interview With Patrick Ward

5. Breathing with Nick Tumminello

6. Keats Snideman – Other 23 Hours: SMR and stretching

7. Ben Bruno Junk in the Trunk

8. Alcohol and Physique Considerations by Martin Berkhan

9. Practice What You Preach by Brendon Rearick

10. Good Mornings With Charles Poliquin

11. Glutes With Jeff Cubos

12. Advanced Burpees with Nia Shanks

13. Making Connections With Eric Cressey

14. Good Finisher With Dewey Nielsen

15. Understanding Abs With Mike Robertson

16. Periodization by Mladen Jovanovic

17. Anatomy by Chris Beardsley

18. Progression by PJ Striet

19. Active Stability by Mike Robertson

20. Consistency for Beginner Gains by Jason Ferrugia

21. Training Tips from Tim Henriques

22. Latest Fitcast Episode

23. Interview With Bret Contreras

24. Interview With Aaron Schwenzfeier

25. Kickass Karli’s Workout at BCSC

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I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face. If you have a blog then get on Facebook and Twitter! If you believe in your work then you have nothing to hide! If you believe that your work will benefit people then you’re doing everyone a disservice by not utilizing free social networking to promote your free articles and expertise. If you’d like for your work to be showcased in my “Good Reads for the Week” blogposts, then make sure you’re my friend on Facebook. I scroll through FB every day and click on fitness-related links. If they’re good, I link them up. Furthermore, make sure you have a regular Facebook profile. I don’t click on fan-pages; I just don’t have the time. I look at regular newsfeeds and get my links that way. I think there are around 115 links for this week.

This article shows that fish oil improves metabolic syndrome

In this blog Vern Gambetta discusses experience vs. experiences.

In this blog Patrick Ward talks about forward scapular posture and posterior shoulder tightness.

In this blog Tim Eagerton talks about using a super treadmill in Frappier Acceleration training and shows a cool video.

Here’s a great read called “What’s wrong with the fitness industry.” I don’t know who wrote it…the guy goes by “relentless pt” and is obviously part of the RKC crowd and from Australia. I get annoyed when I can’t find who the damn author of a blog is, but this guy seems to know his stuff. The title should really be, “what’s wrong with the way people workout.”

In this blogpost Ben Bruno goes over inverted row progressions.

This article requires a membership to StrengthCoach.com, but if you’re a member it’s a great read by Kevin Neeld on the importance of leadership in coaching.

Here’s a great Elitefts article by Joe Kenn on “time.”

In this blog Alli McKee relays some good advice given by Martin Rooney.

Here’s a Mark Reifkind video that discusses the importance of the lats.

In this article Charlie Weingroff discusses whether dynamic neck training is necessary.

In this blog Charlie Weingroff tells us what he learned in 2010.

Here’s part II of Howard Gray’s excellent article on the responsibilities of a good coach.

Here’s a unique article by Ryan Johnson about tackling a tough talk.

In this blog Vern Gambetta talks about the specificity trap.

This website is dedicated to Gray Cook’s new book entitled Movement.

Here’s a good interview with Mike Young.

Here’s a quick and easy set up for a homemade wrist roller courtesy of the Diesel Crew.

In this blog Nick Tumminello provides a video that describes hip thrust technique with yours truly.

In this blog JRod talks about the push up and shows progressions and variations.

In this blog Mike Robertson discusses negativity and life.

In this blog Ben Bruno discusses his experience at the TPI seminar.

In this video Joe “I am not a Robot!” Bonyai shows how to progress to overhead pressing.

In this blog Chris Beardsley reviews Mike Boyle’s Functional Training for Sports book. Mike has since written two more books and has evolved in his methodology but if you want to know Mike’s philosophy it’s important to start here.

In this blog Vern Gambetta talks about the repercussions of dishing out false praise.

In this blog Mike Boyle advises writers to do their research before jumping to conclusions and uses a recent story involving creatine supplementation and rabdomyolysis as an example.

In this blog Vern Gambetta shows a cover of a brochure he used in 1992 (eighteen years ago) and discusses how it still represents his overall philosophy and how it’s stood the test of time.

Here’s a video of Jay Cutler, current Mr. Olympia holder, training quads eight weeks out from the Mr. Olympia competition.

In this video Joe “I move like a Gazelle” Bonyai shows some t-spine mobility drills.

Here’s Chuck Vogelpohl performing a 1,175 lb squat.

In this blog Eric Cressey discusses barefoot training and barefoot running.

In this blog Charlie Weingroff discusses post-shoulder rehab.

In this blog Robbie Bourke discusses low back rounding in deep squatting and offers some theories as to why it so frequently occurs.

Martin Rooney scores a slam dunk on this Elitefts article that talks about acceleration and deceleration. Must read!

Here is an awesome Mike Reinhold blog that talks about the 5 habits of top rehab professionals. These same habits apply to strength coaches. Another must read.

Here’s a good Men’s Health article on running.

Here’s a clip of James Toney preparing for his Randy Couture fight this weekend.

In this TMuscle article Dave Tate talks bulking and cutting. Freakin’ hilarious; especially the ending. How can you not love Dave Tate?

Here’s a good Keith Scott article on keeping long-term vision in mind.

In this blog Carson Boddicker talks about back to back workouts (two days in a row).

Here’s a Mark Young blog where he provides four cool links. First, he links three additional articles that deliver death blows to the “Systemic Hypertrophy from Compound Exercise Induced Hormone Surges” myth. Here’s the first one, here’s the second one, and here’s the third one. Finally, he links an article describing the steps to getting brainwashed.

The guy who’s blog Mark Young linked is named Anthony Colpo, and he’s smart as shit! I recommend reading his blog. In addition to the brainwashing article, here’s an article that you should read; it exposes the HCG diet scam.

Here’s a great Patrick Ward blog on heart-rate variability (HRV).

Here’s a good Bruce Kelly article on StrengthCoach.com (a membership site) that talks about reasons why you should lift free weights.

Here’s a great blog on the Major League Strength website that talks about acceleration vs. maximal speed. Lots of great articles this week on this topic (my Matt Brughelli interview, Martin Rooney’s article, and this article).

This is a great John Izzo blog about excuses, handicaps, and motivation. He links this Rocky motivational video which is freakin’ awesome. John consistently comes out with unique stuff. Great job John!

In this blog Mike Boyle reviews a book called “Rework.”

In this blog Mike T. Nelson discusses the “Contreras Hip Thrust” and questions whether it’s an activation or a strength exercise.

Here’s part II of a three part series where Franz Snideman discusses the Turkish Get Up. Great video!

In this blog Ben Bruno offers his thoughts on nutrition.

In this blog Nia Shanks offers her thoughts on nutrition.

Here’s an interesting article that shows that head trauma and concussions may contribute to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) – like symptoms.

Here’s a hilarious Tony Gentilcore blog that talks about “everything Pallof press.”

Here’s another hilarious Tony Gentilcore blog that includes two videos. First, a video on stretching by Professor Doug Richards. I actually posted this same video on Facebook in November of last year I believe, then on a blog a while back, and then on StrengthCoach.com. But of course Tony the Tiger just swoops in, steals my thunder, and gets all the glory. That self-righteous bastard! 🙂 The video is 45 minutes long but is well worth the time. If you can find the Random blog that I posted the video on from months ago I took listed notes that I took while watching the video. The second video is freakin’ hilarious, which I will post directly below.

In this blog Josh Henkin talks a little bit about his L.I.F.T. certification program and innovative training.

Here’s an oldie-but-goodie by Eric Cressey on destabilization torque, kinetic chains, and functional training.

Here are 15 facts that you didn’t know about your Willy, courtesy of Men’s Health. I get a kick out of these Men’s Health articles! Who doesn’t want to know more about their Johnson?

In this blog Tony Gentilcore talks about symptoms vs. cause, and provides another hilarious Youtube video. I don’t know where he finds these.

Here’s yet another hilarious Tony Gentilcore blog that involves random stuff. Tony is one of the most popular fitness bloggers in the world because he knows his shit and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Everyone in the fitness industry seems afraid to talk about their personal life, afraid to poke fun of themselves, and afraid to stray from the norm. Tony took some good advice from TMuscle editor TC Luoma many years ago and it has definitely paid off.

Here’s Joe Bonyai’s corresponding blog that incorporates the two videos shown above on progressing to overhead training.

Here’s a blog by JRod on nutritional tips.

Here’s a good blog by Dr. Anthony Close on Lombard’s paradox (hamstrings causing knee extension). Here’s a link to Lombard’s paradox in case you don’t know what it is.

In this Jason Ferruggia blog, he gives us 44 muscle building tips. I freakin’ love reading Jason Ferruggia’s stuff. You can tell when a writer trains hard himself by the type of specific advice they offer. Jason’s the real-deal!

Here are 5 forgotten veggies courtesy of Core Performance.

Here’s a blog by Performance EDU on barefoot training.

Here’s a recent study on auto-regulation; the wave of the future in strength training.

Here are two articles on Vitamin D; which definitely wins the “Vitamin of the Year Award” for 2010. Click here and then click here.

In this blog Vern Gambetta discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here’s a Men’s Health link to stretching basics.

In this blog David Lasnier discusses core training and provides some great videos.

Here’s a random glute video, sent to me courtesy of one of my Facebook followers. I believe it’s for a Reef girl contest. I guess if you have nice glutes then this is how you move. I actually saw Coach Dos and Alwyn Cosgrove one night in boxer briefs shifting their hips from side to side with their sculpted glutes, so I guess it’s common for males and females with nice butts to sway their hips like this.

Here are ten random weird Physics facts from relativity to quantum theory for all you geeks like Jonathon Fass.

I didn’t realize that ACSM has a bunch of podcasts on random topics. Here’s a link:

In this blog Chad Waterbury talks about a faster way to burn fat. While it’s a great read and definitely worth reading for the content, I also recommend clicking on the link just to see the picture. Aye caramba!

In this blog Vern Gambetta talks about rising above people telling you that “you can’t do that.”

In this blog Smitty talks about odd object training.

In this blog Alwyn Cosgrove asks “Are you a master of your craft?”

In this blog Chris Beardsley talks about various aspects of fitness.

In this excellent blog Mike Robertson talks about unstable surface training. Mike’s been going all out on his blogs lately. This is a good read.

In this blog Carl Valle asks how much impact hip thrusts will have on elite sprinting performance.

Click on this link and scroll to #566. It’s an interview with Ian King on Superhuman Radio and he talks about functional training and some problems he sees in the fitness industry.

Here’s a good TMuscle article that talks about power clean form.

Here’s part III of Howard Gray’s 3-part series on the responsibility of an elite coach.

In this blog Carson Boddicker discusses synergy in training.

Here’s an article on ankle sprains.

Here’s a blog by P.J. Striet about compound lifts and set/rep schemes.

Here’s an Elitefts article on triple extension.

Here is a Chris Shugart article on the media’s vilification of creatine.

In this article Kevin Carr talks about recovery.

In this article Kelly Baggett talks about busting vertical and speed plateaus.

In this article Dewey Nielsen talks about the TRX stir the pot exericse.

In this blog Ben Bruno shows 5 unique push up variations.

Here’s a great Eric Cressey blog that shows a video on the absolute strength : absolute speed continuum. Here’s the video below:

In this blog Tony Gentilcore gives an astrophysicist advice regarding gaining squat/bench/deadlift strength while only being able to train 3 days a week for 30 minutes each session.

Here’s an awesome interview with John Broz on Charles Poliquin’s website.

Here’s a good Elitefts article on spondylolisthesis.

Here’s a “Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work” blog by Tony Gentilcore.

Here is a great read by Ben Bruno. Ben just started up a blog and I really like this guy. He has a great attitude. This one’s on being open-minded in fitness.

Here’s a JRod circuit called “The Bodyweight 100.” I like that JRod films videos and goes the extra mile in this blog.

Here’s a “Don’t Miss These Great Reads” blog by Chris Beardsley.

In this David Lasnier blog he discusses 3 things he learned from Brian St. Pierre.

For those of you who are members on StrengthCoach.com, here’s a great Mike Boyle article on overreaction/underreaction and aerobic vs. interval training.

Here’s a video on StackTV on resisted starts.

Here’s a blog by Carson Boddicker on local muscular endurance training.

In this Keats Snideman blog, he posts an ISSN statement regarding the latest media frenzy on creatine supplementation.

In this blog Mark Young breaks down another study conducted on the FMS. This is part III of a V part series I believe.

Here’s a blog by Dave Sandel that talks about training goals, auto-regulatory training, and intermittant fasting.

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Happy Friday my fitness friends! Here are over 70 links to articles, blogs, and videos of the week. I get most of these off of Twitter and Facebook. I try to make this an weekly educational opportunity so I don’t censor material according to whether I agree with it or whether or not it’s politcally correct. Happy reading!

In this article Charles Poliquin discusses different types of people and their corresponding type of training. When Charles wrote this years ago I thought he’d officially turned crazy. Now I think he may be on to something.

In this blog Keats Snideman shows a healthier alternative to a typical lunch meat sandwich; a quick chicken sandwich. I don’t know why, by the Snideman twins have such soothing voices and are such great speakers that I think they could trick me into listening to them for five straight hours even if they were talking about nothing!

In this blog Eric Cressey gives us three good reads for the week. Yours truly made the cut. Booyah!

In this blog Dan Hubbard rehashes Tony Gentilcore and my guest blog where we tore into a trainer who spoke against the squat.

In this blog Tony Gentilcore gives us his favorite 3 assistance exercises for the squat, bench press, and deadlift.

In this blog Tony Gentilcore gives us 3 things to read while you’re pretending to work.

In this guest blog on Laree Draper’s site, Dan John describes his “hip displacement continuum.”

In this blog Franz Snideman introduces a Pavel Tsatsouline seminar at his studio in La Jolla, CA on October 9th. If you live in San Diego, you gotta go! Pavel’s the man!

On October 23rd, Franz’s twin bro Keats is hosting an HKC seminar in Tempe, AZ with Mark Reifkind. I’d rather be in La Jolla (my favorite place), but since I’m stuck here in Scottsdale I’m pretty sure I’m gonna give the HKC a try.

This Nate Green blog is pretty cool; check out the video of the 2-man band playing “Ain’t No Sunshine” while Nate and his friends are walking home in San Francisco.

This Sean Skahan blog is part IV of a four-part series on the glutes. He talks about how he strengthens his athletes glutes and includes the hip thrust at the end. I will keep saying this until I’m six feet under; get a Hampton thick bar pad and use a barbell! No athlete needs to “air thrust.” Great article series by Sean; back track and read all of them if you haven’t seen the first three.

In this Mike T. Nelson blog he talks about being a scientist and some stuff that he’s learned along the way. I like some of the stuff Mike talks about in regards to gaining strength; specifically biofeedback.

In this blog Kevin Neeld talks about valgus collapse, overpronation, and orthotics. Kevin’s a smart guy!

In this blog Danny McLarty offers some thoughts on periodization. I must admit; I’m a huge fan of cybernetic periodization too.

In this Elitefts article Josh Bryant offers five quick advantages of the front squat.

In this blog Carson Boddicker talks about forced pronation in association with the trigger mechanism.

In this blog Bryan Chung tears apart some recent journal research on different loading schemes on muscle protein synthesis.

In this video Bill Hartman shows Valerie Waters some cool tips to help reverse negative posturing incurred from sitting.

In this article Usain Bolt talks about some of the secrets to his success.

In this blog Cedric Unholz talks about Olympic Weightlifter Misha Koklyaev and includes a badass video of him lifting heavy weights.

In this article Nick Tumminello tells us how to do the kettlebell Muay Thai clinch chin up. Awesome exercise for MMA fighters!

In this article Mark Young discusses some flaws in the research in an study involving the FMS.

In this blog one of Tony Gentilcore’s female distance coaching clients rages against the machine. She’s not happy about overweight whiny women.

In this blog Patrick Ward discusses stress.

In this blog Carson Boddicker discusses Deep Sacral Gluteus Maximus and its practical applications.

In this blog Chad Waterbury advises how to eat to build muscle.

In this article Dr. Perry Nickleston discusses functional movement, pain, and the joint-by-joint approach.

This article suggests that going too low in saturated fat could increase the likelihood of stroke mortality.

In this blog Jeff Cubos provides FMS yoga solutions. I’m going to have to award Jeff with “Blog of the Week!” He went above and beyond on this one! You have to check this one out…he links over fifty pictures and articles and provides concurrent or alternative strategies for improving the 7 individual tests in the FMS.

In this blog Mike T. Nelson provides some motivation quotes from Einstein.

This pubmed abstract indicates that arginine does not increase blood flow. If true, many billions of dollars were wasted on NOX2 products by high school kids who swore it gave them “sick ass pumps.”

In this blog Nia Shanks gives some badass advice in this random strength training tips post.

In this blog Tony Gentilcore teaches us a new exercise that comes highly recommended by Dr. Stuart McGill. It’s called “Stirring the Pot.” That Tony…he’s always stirring the pot. Ba da ching! Okay fine! I’m in “joke time-out” for 24 hours.

In the guest blog on Eric Cressey’s website, Brian Grasso talks about coordination training for youth.

In this blog Mike Robertson asks “What is your goal?”

This new study suggests that high rep lifting is better than heavy lifting for hypertrophy.

This New York Times article sheds some light on the obesity epidemic…it’s getting worse!

In this blog the Diesel Crew gives us 7 tips for those pressed for time.

Here’s the latest Fitcast episode.

Here’s a new study that explains “Muscle Memory.”

In this blog David Lasnier dishes out some serious hatin’ on the crunch.

In this blog Vern Gambetta reminds us that the body is not a machine and recommends that we stop trying to isolate and activate certain parts.

In this blog Ryan Johnson bashes on the high box jump and points out some inherent flaws.

In this blog P.J. Striet gives us five common reasons why people don’t hit their weightloss goals.

In this article Dave Tate gives us more benching techniques. This is the final part (part VII) of the series. This article contains links to the first six parts. If you want to bench like a man, you listen to Dave Tate!

Here’s a good TMuscle article by Smitty on grip training.

In this blog Patrick Ward talks about quantification of stress.

Here’s part III of Mike Robertson’s blog series on knee pain. Lots of videos in this one. Check it out.

In this blog Eric Cressey shows a couple of cool videos demonstrating strength!

In this blog Kevin Neeld shares some good links to studies and athletic-related information.

In this blog Vern Gambetta offers us some training basics.

This guy is B.A. Baracus!

In this blog John Izzo talks about cyclical trends in the fitness industry and how every time people stray from the basics they find their way back to good old barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight movements.

In this video Martin Rooney shows how he teaches MMA skills to football players.

In this blog Tony Gentilcore asks what are you doing to get better and gives a great example of what he needs to do to step it up.

In this blog Howard Gray is all riled up about marketing hype in strength and conditioning.

Here’s a link to the latest strengthcoach podcast.

In this blog Robbie Bourke interviews John Sharkey.

In this blog Cedric Unholz discusses supplements vs. real food.

In this blog Mark Young provides a poem that is very relevant for people seeking physique or health changes. Print it and post it on your fridge!

Charles Poliquin debates one arm rows vs. barbell rows in this blog.

In this blog Kevin Carr discusses single leg progressions.

In this article Smitty discusses lower back health.

In this blog Mike Reinhold gives a good link and presentation on the evolution of the human shoulder.

Here’s a great article on barefoot running.

In this blog Howard Gray presents part I of the responsibilities of a good coach.

Keith Scott gives some of the simplest yet best advice I’ve ever seen in this short blog.

In this article Jim Wendler offers some football advice by informing the readers about five things he wishes someone would have told him. Does this mean that Jim Wendler is human?

I have to admit, I laughed pretty hard when I stumbled across these Ian King videos. I’ve been wondering what this guy was up to. Has he lost his mind? You’ve gotta admit they’re pretty funny. Unless you’re the guy he’s mocking…anyway we all need to have a sense of humor so hopefully people can appreciate these videos.

Hope you enjoy the links my fitness friends! Have a great weekend.

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As most of you know, I’ve been posting weekly “good reads” blogs on a regular basis. My goal is to provide my readers with good, quality content and variety. I don’t always agree with the information, but the former teacher in me wants to expose my readers to a broad range of views and beliefs. For the most part, I get all of these links off of Facebook and Twitter. It looks like there are 51 links for this month. Pick and choose what you want to read!

Before we get started, here’s your weekly Jamie Eason picture:

In this blog Tony Gentilcore responds to a popular trainer’s advice to avoid squatting. Great read!

This is a guest blog written by me as a response to Tony Gentilcore’s blog. Together, Tony and I tore this trainer apart.

Here is a Charlie Weingroff interview where he talks about a variety of good topics.

In this blog Anthony Close discusses his thoughts on pain and training.

In this blog Carson Boddicker writes again about breathing patterns. Now, I’ve met Carson, I read Carson’s blogs, and I know first hand that Carson is one of the brightest guys in the field despite being very young. One thing that’s great about this industry is that we keep each other in check. Read the blog comments where Aaron Schwenzfeier and Carl Valle ask some great questions (ones that I wonder myself). Carson does an excellent job of defending his position. It’s a great dialogue, one definitely worth reading.

In this blog Mark Young describes his learning process. I follow a very similar approach to Mark. In case you didn’t know yet, I really like Mark Young. He consistently comes out with great stuff.

I got this link from my pal Jeff Cubos; he posted the link on my Facebook page. I’ve written twice now about people who are too stupid to realize how stupid they are and they overestimate their abilities and end up making poor decisions. Well it turns out that this phenomenon has a name; it’s called The Dunning-Kruger Effect.

In this blog Nick Tumminello shows us the bottoms-up kettlebell press for rock-solid shoulder joint stability. Nick is such a damn good speaker it’s sickening!

This is an excellent blog by Mike Robertson on knee pain. This is a must-read.

It seems like Ben Rice upped the ante to 635 lbs. Although I’m very impressed with his brute strength, I wish he better understood a couple of things. First, he’s a powerlifter so the hip thrust is an assistance lift for him. He’d probably get more transfer if he backed off a bit in weight and used more ROM up top. Second, he’s hyperextending his low back which will eventually lead to injury, probably in the posterior elements of his spine. No assistance lift is worth doing if it’s going to injure you in the long run. I wish he’d go lighter, move through the full ROM, keep his lumbar spine in neutral, and control the weight a little better, but even so it’s damn impressive! Good job Ben!

In this blog Howard Gray talks about strength training for sprinters. I concur!

In this blog Mike T. Nelson discusses how he learns.

This Elitefts article is a great read on block periodization.

Here’s a link to the latest Fitcast. Always good listening at Fitcast.

Here’s an interview of sprint coach Jon Goodwin by Patrick Ward.

In this blog Carson Boddicker discusses the FMS and some of it’s applicability.

Here’s an interview of Stuart McGill by Dr. Anthony Close.

This link to the “Elliptigo” was posted on Facebook by a colleague. While I think he found it disgusting as it looks like another way for humans to “take the path of least resistance,” and avoid hard training, I found it intriguing. I wonder if these will take off and you’ll start seeing them around more often. Now we have running and we have the treadmill; we have cycling and we have the stationary bicycle; we have stairs and we have the stepmill; and we have the elliptigo and we have elliptical machines.

Here’s a link to some videos posted by Jeff Cubos that discuss “Functional Range Release” which is a system used to invoke increases in flexibility. Dr. Andreo Spina throws out some impressive science behind his methods!

In this video Eric Beard talks about the adductor magnus. Eric knows his shit!

In this blog John Izzo discusses temperament for personal trainers. John talks about a lot of unique stuff that other trainers don’t seem to talk about.

In this blog Charlie Weingroff reviews Assessment and Treatment of Muscle Imbalance: The Janda Approach.

In this blog Nick Tumminello shows a badass metabolic circuit using a medicine ball.

In this blog Sean Skahan reviews his brief stay at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Long Beach.

In this blog Eric Cressey reviews the new product called Muscle Imbalances.

In this blog Gabe Sanders discusses 6 ways to build stronger relationships with your athletes.

In this blog Vern Gambetta talks about perspective and perception.

In this blog Laree Draper discusses her experience at the Perform Better Long Beach Summit.

In this article Steve Reed discusses bridging the gap between rehabilitation and sports performance training.

In this article Christian Thibaudeau discusses “ramping.” Cosgrove, Waterbury, and Contreras chime in about the topic as well.

Here’s an oldy but goody where James Smith talks about classification of general, general specific, or specific exercises.

Here’s an article written by Dr. Anthony Close about pain, core training, and common sense.

In this blog Patrick Ward provides an interesting discussion about pain.

In this blog Kevin Neeld discusses 7 Habits of Highly Effective Interns.

In this blog John Izzo talks about lifting weights and striving to get stronger.

In this blog Carson Boddicker discusses the footstrike and plyometrics.

In this blog Charles Poliquin talks about “Bang for Your Buck” exercises.

Here’s an interview with the man Christian Thibaudeau.

Here’s an article by Kelly Baggett on plateau-busting.

Here’s a review of the Long Beach Perform Better Functional Training Summit by Justin Levine.

Here’s a Mike Boyle video showing the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat Jump

In this blog Jason Ferruggia talks about his trip to California. I wish I had as many friends as this guy!

Here’s an article by Nate Green, Eric Cressey, and Mike Robertson that discusses quick fixes to common training injuries.

In this article Charles Poliquin has Bob Guiel discuss energy medicine.

In this blog Josh Henkin can no longer contain himself and feels compelled to discuss the importance of screening. This is a great read!

This is part II of a Mike Robertson blog on knee health.

In this blog Eric Cressey discusses continuing education.

In this blog Robbie Bourke interviews Carl Valle. It’s a great interview in my opinion.

In this blog Charles Poliquin gives training and nutritional advice to a skinny twirt. Charles is always entertaining!

I don’t know what impresses me more about this video; John Brookfield’s hand strength or Martin Rooney’s speaking skills.

In this blog Jason Ferruggia gives some advice regarding how to raise testosterone levels. The first pic caused my testosterone levels to surge at least 30%. Aye caramba!

In this blog David Lasnier provides a dynamic stretching routine for improved mobility.

In this blog Carson Boddicker discusses the WD-40 and Duct Tape model.

In this blog Carl Valle asks, “What is the Limit?” in terms of speed production?

In this blog Matt Johnson discusses the lateral subsystem and single leg work.

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As if you weren’t already busy enough, here are 45 good reads for the week!

1. For those of you who missed my interview with Cedric Unholz, this is my best yet (I know I say that every time but I really mean that). Great questions from Cedric. Some controversial topics in here

2. In this article Bryan Chung discusses a study comparing the effects of rest periods on hypertrophy. Rest periods had no effect on hypertrophy!

3. In this article Robbie Bourke discusses practical considerations in preventing valgus collapse.

4. In this article Eric Cressey offers a hypothesis as to why pitching speed is inconsistent amongst younger and faster pitchers.

5. In this article Carson Boddicker discusses the importance of plyometrics and drop jumps in speed and jumping performance. This is a great read.

6. In this blog Jason Ferruggia talks about maturing and the importance of finding a like-minded partner. This was a very heart-felt blog and I commend Jason for writing it.

7. In this blog Patrick Ward writes about the importance of straying from the schedule when an athlete needs a recovery day.

8. In this blog Jeff Cubos asks an important question, “Does quality of movement matter?” I say hell yeah! Strength coaches know this more than anyone in the world.

9. This Men’s Health article contains everything you need to know about your penis (junk, package, cock and balls, whatever you like to call it). Seriously, it’s 8 pages long.

10. In this blog Mike Young emphasizes keeping things general in the general prep phase.

11. This guy is an absolute animal! His name is Ben Rice. I’d prefer he use slightly less weight and go a little higher but who am I to judge?

12. In this blog Charlie Weingroff discusses the benefits of the slideboard.

13. In this blog Charlie Weingroff shows a rarely used exercise called the tall kneeling flexion/extension with step which he learned from Gray Cook.

14. In this blog Danny McLarty talks about the coaches who have influenced him the most. It’s all about the new breed baby!!!

15. In this interview Smitty references the movie Colors and applies it to strength training.

16. In this blog Patrick Ward discusses the lumbar flexion and MMA athlete debate.

17. In this blog Mike Davis discusses functional training and what it means.

18. In this blog Mike Nelson links two recent Arnold videos for motivational purposes. Three words: Arnold Fucking Rules!

19. In this article Eric Cressey offers advice for want-to-be strength coaches and personal trainers.

20. In this blog Carl Valle acknowledges that Arizona trainers are bigger, better, and badder than our East Coast counterparts and the “Four Phoenix Phantoms” could probably whoop over a dozen East Coast trainers without half trying. It’s sure great to be recognized. I guess it’s just something in the water out here. Maybe I embellished slightly…

21. In this blog Kevin Neeld discusses injury prevention as it relates to training stress and competition stress.

22. In this blog Carson Boddicker discusses the length of stability holds.

23. In this blog JCD discusses hypertrophy training and includes links to various hypertrophy-related systems.

24. In this blog Mark Young provides another great discussion about science.

25. This is an awesome article on SB Coaches College that lists programming questions that every good strength coach should consider (the list is from the late Verkhoshansky).

26. This is an AWESOME blog by Mike Robertson on sleeping. This is a must-read. He pretty much summed up my thoughts on sleeping. It’s not your typical boring sleep article; there’s some good stuff in there. Read it!

27. This is a Men’s Health article that shows a really cool circuit created by Joe Dowdell. I really like the circuits Joe creates and I appreciate that Adam Bornstein travels all around the country visiting good gyms and filming videos. Check it out it’s good stuff!

28. In this article Chase Karnes gives us a no-gym-warrior-workout.

29. Here is the latest Fitcast Interview with Jim “Smitty” Smith.

30. Holy shit!!! This is a high-powered interview with Juan Carlos Santana. I must confess, I can relate to some of the stuff that pisses JC off.

31. Here is a cool newsletter from Franz Snideman with a video that demonstrates pull up power and how to focus on end-range contraction for improved total range strength and stamina.

32. In this blog Howard Gray talks about “how strong is strong enough?”

33. In this blog Mike Young reminds us about the common denominators of good training.

34. In this blog Mike Reinhold has a shitload of experts chiming in offering students career advice. Some of these cats have some serious credentials behind their names!

35. Here’s yet another read on low back pain.

36. In this blog Patrick Ward advises to not stay in one place too long when looking for answers.

37. In this blog Carson Boddicker answers some questions about breathing patterns.

38. In this blog Mike Young discusses the problem with developing endurance with speed/power athletes. This is one of the biggest problems I see as well. Great, quick read. Check it out.

39. Here is a great interview with Jason Ferruggia by Craig Ballantyne. Jason knows his stuff when it comes to getting athletes strong.

40. Alli McKee is fitness, hear her roar!

41. In this blog Eric Cressey demonstrates why he’s “The Man.” He gets a client far along his journey to postural restoration in a single session.

42. In this blog John Izzo talks about different types of pain during exercise and why it’s sometimes important to push through pain.

43. In this blog Mike Young discusses training density in program design.

44. Here’s part XI of Dave Tate’s “So You Think You Can Bench” series:

45. In this blog Leigh Peele promises her readers that she created the perfect diet which will allow you to lose 10 lbs of fat in 10 days. (okay maybe I’m kidding, she dispels this b.s.)

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Here you go fitness friends!!! 50 Good reads, listens, and views for the week.

1. In this audio interview from Dr. Perry Nickelston, Trainer of the Gods Bret Contreras discusses glute training, dynamic transfer, evidence-based learning, coaching the lifts, and making training fun.

2. In this article, Mike Scott compiles advice from a bunch of highly qualified expert advisors (with the exception of some Bret guy) regarding which fitness fads should be forgotten.

3. There’s a video on this link that shows you how to work toward being able to perform a muscle up, taught by the man Juan Carlos Santana himself!

4. This gymnast has some serious skills! Incredible feats of strength.

5. In this blog, Eric Cressey shows us some more functional things to do in place of standard aerobics.

6. In this blog, Mike Robertson discusses the role of the abdominals and training related implications.

7. In this blog, Kevin Neeld discusses grooving new movement patterns. He uses an AWESOME analogy so this is definitely worth reading!

8. In this article Charles Poliquin discusses his “2 percent rule” of progress to make sure your routine is working.

9. In this blog Nick Horton provides a ton of great links to videos that discuss lifting form and protocols.

10. Sitting is slowly killing you (MSNBC article).

11. Sitting is slowly killing you (NY Times article)

12. In this blog Charlie Weingroff discusses the draw in maneuver vs. bracing. This is actually the best article I’ve read on the topic, and here are Charlie’s parting words of advice: “So all in all…Always get fat when you breath, never Draw-In, and Brace if you must.”

13. In this video Joe “Poetry in Motion” shows us how to train for lateral speed despite having a small facility.

14. In these two videos Joe Sansalone shows a TGU with 106 lbs with impeccable form! Most important, he demonstrates that he can do it with both arms and that he has symmetrical strength and coordination!

15. In this video, 49ers strength coach Duane Carlisle discusses his training methodology and shows some workout clips. Uh oh! At 2:30 and 3:21 you’ll see pro NFL players doing crunches and at 7:48 you’ll see a player doing hip thrusts with chains. Chain resistance is a good start for hip thrusts but if you want explosive athletes you have to use a barbell and go heavy! Teach the body to explode!

16. In this blog Jaime Rodriguez shows us five great glute exercises.

17. In this article Mark Young provides more thoughts on intervals.

18. In this blog Patrick Ward discusses “Anatomy Links” and why he feels the creator has much to offer the strength training industry.

19. Here’s a link to the latest Fitcast episode

20. Here’s a link to the latest StrengthCoach podcast

21. In this blog Carson Boddicker cites some great research involving high-heeled shoes and running.

22. In this blog by Mike Young from Elite Track (not to be confused with Mark Young) he dispels some of the myths surrounding lactic acid..

23. This is a good blog from Mike Robertson. He discusses ways to improve your bench press mainly through focusing on your pulling strength.

24. Elitetrack.com is awesome! Lots of free goodies on this site if you’re a member. Check out this link to see how you can download free PDF’s.

25. In this blog Howard Gray writes about Variation at the Microcycle Level.

26. In this blog Cedric Unholz interviews Robbie Bourke. I felt this was a great interview!

27. In this blog, Jimson Lee offers clarification regarding the fastest 10 meter split ever run.

28. In this article Matt Herold shows three speed exercises that you should be doing.

29. In this article Franz Snideman does an amazing job of telling us all we need to know about the Kettlebell Swing.

30. In this blog on Carson Boddicker’s site Nate Shaw gives us a brief overview of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS).

31. In this blog Nick Tumminello interviews Dr. Jose Antonio (3 minute interview) regarding 5 simple supplement tips for athletes.

32. In this blog, Tony Gentilcore provides a typical hilarious commentary about toning shoes.

33. Holy crap! This guy is intense! I’ve never seen a more vulgar, angry blog. And to tell you the truth I love it. Not sure who this guy is but if you click on the link, consider yourself forewarned. This blog is about deadlifting frequency.

34. In this article Kelly Baggett discusses optimal set and rep schemes.

35. Here’s a blog from Tony Gentilcore on mistakes that trainers make. Best quote: “Bad trainers want to hang out in the gym for a few hours every day, hit on girls, and give each other high fives after each set of leg curls.”

36. In this blog Nia Shanks talks about fractional plates and incremental progression.

37. In this blog Patrick Ward discusses how to avoid losing ideas you learn at conferences and seminars.

38. Here’s another great article on Vitamin D.

39. Here is a great read from Poliquin on chin ups.

40. In this blog Mike Young dispels the myth that stretching reduces soreness.

41. In this blog Jason Ferruggia talks about deloading and gives some very practical tips.

42. This is some seriously impressive female strength!

43. In this interview on Mark Young’s site, Sam Leahey provides us with some insightful answers.

44. In this article Dave Tate shows us more bench press techniques (this is part V of the series).

45. In this video Eric Moss does a spoof on “Shaker Weight” type products. Hilarious!

46. This is an excellent blog by Eric Cressey that shows why there are so many internet badasses!

47. This is an excellent article by Charles Poliquin regarding why people should lift weights. It’s intended audience is women but it applies to everyone.

48. Here’s my friend Nick Tumminello discussing how to do Tight Rotations in a Men’s Health video:

49. In this blog Geoff Neupert discusses movement that matters. Get good at the basics!

50. This USA Today article gives us ten pretty good tips on how to boost our metabolism.

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